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Storytelling game cards

Storytelling Card

GhostWriter is a card game that will make you invent wonderful stories while having fun. You will be able to create new stories with your friends, film plots, books. GhostWriter lets you learn the naractive model used by the best Hollywood screenwriters.


How to play

You draw a card and tell your piece of history following the narrative inspiration of the paper. When you finish the other players give a grade from 1 to 3 to your piece of history. Then it's up to the next player, draw his card and continue the story from where you left it by linking his piece of history to yours. Then everyone gives your vote. The system repeats in turn, for 13 rounds, finishing the round. The player with the most points wins.


Package Contents

London Noir 1800 Edition

GhostWriter has a suggestive Noir setting. We are in London, in 1800.

Available in multiple languages

GhostWriter is available in English and other languages.

8 character cards

Eight new characters, all described in detail.

62 beautiful history cards

62 beautiful cards, all illustrated and in color. A deck that has style.


Full of new narrative cues. GhostWriter is played in groups, with no player limits.

Wooden box

A beautiful wooden box with a sliding opening.

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